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Allergy Panel – 12 Drugs

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Serum, NA, Fasting or Non Fasting: As suggested by doctor

sample requiredSample Required:

This test requires a blood sample. A healthcare professional will draw blood from a vein, usually from your arm.

test timeTest Time:

Results from the Allergy Panel – 12 Drugs test may take several days to a week to be processed and provided to you.

test normal rangeTest Normal Range:

The results of the Allergy Panel – 12 Drugs test are typically presented as positive or negative reactions to specific drugs.

what is the testWhat is the Test?

The Allergy Panel – 12 Drugs test, also known as a drug allergen-specific IgE test, checks for the presence of specific immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies in response to certain drugs. It helps identify potential drug allergies or sensitivities.

test procedureTest Procedure:

A healthcare provider will collect a blood sample from your arm using a sterile needle. The blood is sent to a laboratory for analysis, where it’s tested for IgE antibodies associated with specific drugs.

when to take the testWhen to Take the Test:

Consider taking this test if you suspect you have drug allergies or sensitivities and experience adverse reactions after taking specific medications.

who should take this testWho Should Take This Test:

Individuals who suspect they have drug allergies or sensitivities and have experienced symptoms like skin rash, itching, swelling, or difficulty breathing after taking certain medications can consider this test.

precautions for exceptional casesPrecautions for Exceptional Cases:

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or currently taking medications, discuss with your healthcare provider before taking the test. Certain medications might interfere with the test results.



Q1: Can this test identify all possible drug allergies?

A: The Allergy Panel – 12 Drugs can identify specific drug allergies, but it might not cover all potential drugs. Consult your healthcare provider for a comprehensive assessment.

Q2: Can this test predict the severity of my drug allergies?

A: The test indicates whether you have an allergic reaction to specific drugs, but predicting the severity of the reaction might require additional evaluation.

Q3: Can I continue taking my medications before the test?

A: Your healthcare provider will guide you on whether you should temporarily stop specific medications before the test. Follow their instructions.

Q4: Can children take this test?

A: Yes, children can take the test, but consult a pediatrician for appropriate guidance.

Q5: Can a negative result rule out drug allergies?

A: A negative result does not necessarily rule out drug allergies. Clinical history and other factors are considered in diagnosis.

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