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Health Checkup – Extended



For Customers in Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, Srikakulam town, Kakinada town, Rajahmundry town, Tirupati Town, Hyderabad (around Moula Ali) only

This package includes

  1. Anaemia: Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  2. Diabetes: Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS)
  3. Liver: Bilirubin – (Total Direct, Indirect) Protein – total Albumin, Globulin, SGPT, SGOT, ALKP, A/G Ratio
  4. Kidney: Serum Creatinine, Blood Urea, Uric Acid
  5. Heart: Cholesterol – Total, Triglycerides, HDL, LDL, VLDL, TC/HDL
  6. Thyroid Function Test: T3, T4, TSH
  7. Bone: Calcium
  8. HbA1C Test

sample requiredSample Required:

Blood samples are required for these tests.

test timeTest Time:

Results are typically available within a day or two.

test normal rangeTest Normal Range:

Normal ranges vary for each test and should be interpreted by a healthcare professional based on specific test results.

what is the testWhat is the test?

The package includes a series of tests covering different aspects of health:

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC): Assesses for anaemia and other blood-related abnormalities.
  • Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS): Assesses blood sugar levels.
  • Liver Function Test: Evaluates liver health by examining bilirubin levels, protein levels, enzymes like SGPT, SGOT, ALKP, and A/G Ratio.
  • Kidney Function Test: Assesses kidney function through serum creatinine, blood urea, and uric acid tests.
  • Heart Health Check: Evaluates cholesterol levels including total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL, VLDL, and TC/HDL.
  • Thyroid Function Test: Assesses thyroid hormone levels through T3, T4, and TSH tests.
  • Calcium: Assesses bone health.

test procedureTest Procedure:

Blood tests involve drawing a small blood sample from a vein.

when to take the testWhen to take the test?

These tests can be taken as part of a routine health check-up or as advised by a healthcare professional. Fasting might be necessary for certain tests like FBS or lipid profiles.

who should take this testWho should take this test?

Recommended for individuals seeking a comprehensive health check-up covering major health parameters related to blood, liver, kidney, heart, thyroid, and bone health.

precautions for exceptional casesPrecautions for exceptional cases (pregnancy etc.):

Pregnant women or individuals with specific health conditions should consult a doctor before undergoing tests. Follow fasting or medication guidelines provided by healthcare providers.



Q1: How should I prepare for this extended health check-up?

A: Follow fasting instructions, if applicable, before the test and inform about any medications you’re taking.

Q2: What if my test results fall outside the normal range?

A: Abnormal results should be discussed with a healthcare provider for further evaluation and appropriate management.

Q3: Are these tests sufficient to evaluate overall health?

A: These tests cover major health parameters, yet additional tests or consultations may be advised based on individual health concerns.

Q4: Can I eat before these tests?

A: For certain tests like FBS or lipid profiles, fasting might be necessary. Adhere to fasting instructions provided.

Q5: How often should one undergo this extended health check-up?

A: Consult a healthcare provider to determine the frequency based on individual health history and specific health concerns.

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